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Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Personal Life Coach

EFTCert-1 Practitioner

EFT is a self care method that produces a high success rate for emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

 EFT enhances peak performance too!

What Gary Craig says:

EFT gives you striking evidence that energy flows within your body because it provides the effects that let you know it is there. By simply tapping near the end points of your energy meridians you can experience some profound changes in your emotional and physical health.

A growing number of health practitioners are finding ways to use this vital energy system to help physical healing. Acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic are but a few of them.


What Sandra’s clients say about their success with EFT:

Sinus Pain

I came into a session with sinus pain and congestion. Within five minutes of tapping the EFT points, all pain and congestion were gone.   SB – NJ

Sugar craving

I was able to resist eating the sweets at work after one class. Tapping the EFT points for my sugar craving worked.   JS - CA


I was having panic attacks when my son went to college in another state. I was able to use EFT and fall asleep after my son called me to say he was locked out of his apartment. Amazing!   CM - NJ


As a stage performer in NYC, I could not go to an audition. I was feeling anxious and depressed because of a recent relationship breakup. Using EFT, I was able to audition again with ease. I began performing with confidence and strength. Within 6 months I had my ideal job.   LW – NYC


I am in a much better position to deal with stress because of EFT. I am able to retrieve the cause of my emotional turmoil or stress. As I tap on what comes up, I re­lease my emotions and my body relaxes.   CN - FL


Since I started using EFT good changes have been happening with me and my life. In what seems to be no time I have become MUCH more confident. I used to be a very nervous person who was afraid of just about everything. Well, now I'm at peace with myself, and I'm no longer afraid of conflict or confrontation. New awareness and positive energy are permeating my entire life and have helped to better my personal relationships, my working situation, and have even helped me excel in my horseback riding.   KB - NJ

Sandra Miniere
Your guide to improved health and wellbeing