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Gary H. Craig, Founder

Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Personal Life Coach

EFTCert-1 Practitioner

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Uses of EFT

This revolutionary technique achieves outstanding results in resolving the following:

Negative emotions


Current or past traumatic experiences

Addictions and addictive cravings

Physical Discomfort

Negative beliefs

Life stresses


How EFT works

Gary Craig has developed one comprehensive meridian sequence which is used for all emotional and physical problems. Instead of 10 to 15 different patterns used for specific problems (a specific past trauma), one pattern works for everything. Clients use their fingers to tap out a simple 9 point pattern on the body as they focus on the problem and repeat a reminder phrase. The use of tapping with the fingertips instead of inserting needles is sometimes described as “acupuncture without the needles.”

The EFT basic recipe takes about two minutes to apply. Success is measured by levels of physical and emotional discomfort on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 is neutral and 10 is extreme. One round of the sequence is often effective in reducing emotional and physical distress immediately. However, several rounds of the basic routine may be necessary for the elimination of resistant discomfort. Chronic problems require persistence, tapping every day if necessary.

After the initial round of tapping, lingering anxiety may be closely connected to a past trauma, a distorted belief or repressed anger. Discovering these different aspects associated with the presenting problem and applying the recipe to these issues yields a measurable decrease in the client's distress. Within 30 minutes most presenting problems are reduced or eliminated with lasting effectiveness. An example of success might be that a client is able to think about or experience a disturbing situation without a negative emotional or physical reaction.

Psychological reversal prohibits the body-mind system from eliminating a symptom. It is a way the body consciousness resists change by holding on to the current symptom. When psychological reversal is present, it is overcome by touching a point and stating aloud: "Even though I have a fear of spiders, I deeply and completely accept myself."


EFT is not only effective in eliminating negative symptoms, it improves performance and confidence. Athletes, theatrical performers, musicians and others are using it to accomplish their best. While tapping and focusing on a desired outcome or affirmation, a person rehearses entering the zone of peak performance—focused, confident, open and energized.


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