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Gary H. Craig, Founder

Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Personal Life Coach

EFTCert-1 Practitioner

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Uses of EFT

This revolutionary technique achieves outstanding results in resolving the following:

Negative emotions:

Anxiety, panic, depression, grief, anger, guilt and shame, jealousy


Public speaking, flying, dental work, snakes, spiders, claustrophobia

Current or past traumatic experiences:

Accident, death of a loved one

Addictions and addictive cravings:

Food, smoking, alcohol, shopping, longing for love

Physical Discomfort:

Headaches, joint pain, asthma, physical tension, allergies, snoring, insomnia

Negative beliefs:

Self-doubt, self-rejection, inability to risk change, abandonment and rejection, perceived helplessness

Life stresses:

Taking an exam, sitting in traffic, moving, divorce, illness, family conflict




EFT is a derivative of Meridian-based Energy Psychology. This new methodology incorporates leading-edge treatment methods that integrate 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine with current mind-body research. In the 1920s Albert Einstein brought into focus the reality that everything, including the physical body, is composed of energy. EFT, like other Energy Psychology modalities, uses the body's natural healing energy system to achieve lasting emotional, mental, and physical changes. Positive effects are accomplished with a simplicity and speed that astounds both clients and practitioners.

Dr. Roger Callahan is the originator of Thought Field Therapy and author of the book, The Five Minute Phobia Cure. Dr. Callahan made an important discovery in the early 1980s: The cause of all negative emotions is the result of a disruption in the body's energy system. When the energy disruption is corrected, a client can become free of emotional and physical discomfort. This is a radical shift in thinking. Memories contribute, but are not, the direct cause of a negative emotion. Dr. Callahan developed a new approach for changing emotions by changing energy.


After studying with Dr. Callahan, Gary Craig developed EFT, a derivative of Thought Field Therapy. EFT uses a tapping procedure known as the basic recipe. It uses one sequence for every problem with amazing effectiveness. EFT does not require that a person be muscle tested to match the presenting problem (fear) with a specific meridian point or points.

Using EFT, clients are able to work on their own with great success. EFT practitioners help the client identify the core issues underlying the problem, uncover different aspects that may be contributing to the symptom and apply various techniques to deepen the effectiveness of EFT.

Outstanding results:

Experts in the field are reporting success rates of 80% to 100%. My results are consistent with these findings. My clients experience noticeable decreases in levels of emotional and physical discomfort in minutes. Symptoms are replaced by feelings of calm and wellbeing. Symptom relief, muscle testing and life experience verify the success my clients are having with EFT. It enables them to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

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