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Emotional Freedom Techniques

A Revolutionary Approach to
Enhance Peak Performance or
Build A Successful Business

Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Personal Life Coach

EFTCert-1 Practitioner

EFT is an energizing and focusing technique that leads to
áperforming your best or building a successful business.

Be and do your best with Emotional Freedom Techniques


EFT is used to improve: Sports performance, singing and dancing performance, playing a musical instrument, physical fitness, test scores, business profits, financial comfort, leadership skills, and more

EFT eliminates: Stress, physical tension, negative beliefs, traumatic memories, doubts, fears and other negative emotions that take you out of accomplishing your best.

EFT to Enhance the Positive

Peak Performance: By tapping the EFT points you eliminate fears, doubts and stress that interfere with performance. As you imagine the desired outcome while tapping, you are able to enter the zone of peak performance with consistency. You can stay focused, become accurate, improve skills, win games or awards, improve range of motion, increase stamina and more.

Successful Business: EFT eliminates the self-defeating patterns, limiting beliefs, emotions and past experiences that affect an individualĺs relationship to money and success. These subconscious patterns from the past can be replaced with positive thinking, confidence and high energyŚnecessary ingredients to build a successful business.

Sandra Miniere
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