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Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Personal Life Coach

EFTCert-1 Practitioner

EFT eliminates the emotional issues or trauma linked to cancer, cardiac disease and other serious illnesses

Special Offer

Sandra is offering up to three 45-minute EFT telephone sessions to people with cancer for a donation instead of her regular fee.

Cancer and Core Issues

Sandra uses her intuition and expertise as an EFT practitioner to help you uncover the unresolved emotions and core issues trapped in your energy field. Stressful events and trauma from the past are uncovered and eliminated with EFT. Free from these blocks, your body maximizes all of your healing efforts.


Prolonged stress and unresolved emotional issues held in the body contribute to the occurrence of serious diseases. EFT reduces or eliminates stress as well as negative emotions, such as, guilt, resentment, anger, and fear. These emotions may be interfering with the body’s ability to heal itself. (Lifestyle also plays an important role in the healing process.)

Once your body experiences the flow of increased subtle energy, harmony and peace replace stress, physical discomfort and at times the disease itself.


EFT is an effective way to discover the core issues, beliefs and past stressful events that may be contributing to a physical disease. Once you identify an unresolved emotional issue or traumatic event, you can tap away the layers of trapped emotions and energy blocks using the EFT meridian points. Emotional freedom occurs when you are able to speak about the negative emotion, belief, issue, person or event without feeling any physical discomfort or constricted energy.


Questions that lead to emotional freedom from serious illness might be:

  • If there was a negative emotion associated with this illness, what might it be?
  • If you could live life again, what person or event would you skip?
  • How would your life change without the illness?
  • Is there a part of you that is holding on to the illness?
  • Why might you deserve this illness?


Persistent tapping pays off at the emotional, energetic and spiritual level. EFT contributes to your healing even if you do not experience a cure. Healing brings you personal peace and enables you to forgive and accept yourself, others, life and the Creator. In this state of acceptance and emotional freedom, a miracle is possible.


Five months ago I was diagnosed with a recurrence of prostate cancer with four enlarged lymph nodes. In addition to many other modalities to heal my body, I used EFT with Sandra as my guide. In this process, I discovered that I was blaming myself for many career failures and disappointments as well as falling short as a good father. Initially, I had difficulty feeling the old feelings and trauma in my body, so I tapped on that. After a few sessions, my body and I were working together. After about 5 sessions I was finally able to think about each “guilt ridden should” without feeling a constriction in my abdomen and chest. I became free of the “need to be punished” for not being good enough. My last scans appeared normal. – PS, Florida


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